Feel Better in JUST 5 DAYS!

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  • Do you want to have consistent High Energy?

  • Do you want to lose stubborn Weight?

  • Do you want to feel at ease with your Digestion?

  • Do you want to Sleep Better and Wake Up Fresh?

  • Do you want to increase Focus, Memory, and Empowerment?

If you answered YES to any of these, it's time to change the habits, lifestyle choices and emotions that no longer serve you.


It's time to choose a life of FREEDOM, VITALITY and HEALTH - both physically and emotionally...



What is DetoxPro?

DetoxPro is a proven system that's been developed over years using dietary and lifestyle choices to help you break free from symptoms and health challenges.


Through the DetoxPro guided sessions, step-by-step detoxification system, special exercises, yoga, and meditation, you'll quickly lose weight, feel more powerful, and get your energy back again!


And what's best with DetoxPro is you can get all this in JUST 5 DAYS!

How DetoxPro can help you:


Learn simple, practical ways to lose weight with ease (and maintain your optimal Body Weight forever).


Learn how to detox whilst eating delicious, simple food that is easy to prepare and makes you feel satisfied.


Learn how to empower your body to heal itself. Feel vibrant, happy, fulfilled and healthy in just 5 days.


Learn how to ditch the depression and anxiety once and for all. Empower yourself for self-love and self-care.

If you’ve had problems with low energy, stubborn weight, sleeping, or staying focused, DetoxPro can help.


Sounds too good to be true? That’s understandable, but it’s perfectly within your power to feel better in just 5 days.


DetoxPro is a complete programme that will guide you through a journey of discovery, awakening, empowerment and transformation.


By learning about diet, energy, and detoxification, you'll become empowered to make the right choices on a regular basis (safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home). And what's best is you'll get all the benefits of a retreat at a fraction of the cost.


For years, we’ve helped people just like you to change their dietary and lifestyle choices with DetoxPro.


Are you ready to feel better in just 5 days?


This was my first fast. Generally it's very difficult for me not to eat (that's why I joined the program). It gave me confidence and a feeling that yes I can fast! DetoxPro was really really helpful because otherwise I'm an emotional eater - this course saved me.

New York, USA

I'm really thankful that I took the DetoxPro Course. In this short time, I learnt so much information and knowledge!
The coaching answered our questions in a very personalised way. I'm really thankful for that and for all the support I received.

Mirai Roma

California, USA

I got excellent results with DetoxPro: I feel light, joyful and totally clean! I learned so many things about what to eat every day, how to process food , and the use of special supplements I didn't know of. My diet and habits now give me new energy.

Elizabeth Verouli

Crete, Greece

Is this you?

Do you suffer symptoms that hold you back from the life you dream of?
  • Headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Fatigue
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Food sensitivities
  • Depression or Moodiness
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem or insecurity
  • Weight gain
Are you ready to discover the many Super-foods and Recipes that you will be using for many years to come to boost your health, energy and vitality?
Are you ready to step into feeling more confident, experiencing life changing results and a state of radical self-love?

Do you want a better quality of life?

  • Learn how to substitute harmful foods with healthy alternatives
  • Learn how to re-balance blood sugar, curb food cravings, and reverse emotional eating
  • Take on the power to say NO to unhealthy food, the junk that is blocking your metabolism
  • Reset your digestive system and increase your level of absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals ready available to your body/brain cells
  • Learn Specific Detox Preparations and Elixirs
  • Apply different types of detox fast
  • Discover "Healthy You @ Healthy Planet" Recipes
  • Practice an Anti-Inflammatory Diet that's easy to prepare and full of delight & pleasure
  • Discover many nourishing, tasting and satiating nutritional alternatives
  • Practice re-balancing and nourishing your body
  • Look at your strengths, self-empowerment and positive attitudes

DetoxPro is the Reset Button on your Diet and Lifestyle choices, helping you Renew, Re-balance, Recalibrate, Re-energise, Revitalize, Regenerate and Rejuvenate.


After just 5 days of DetoxPro you will feel lighter, cleaner, happier, more energized, strengthened and charged with positivity, to bring success back into your life, at all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally.


You’ll be thrilled by how much better you’re going to feel, both mentally and physically.

DetoxPro will give you the skills to...

  • Overcome common inflammatory conditions in body and brain, causing brain fog, headaches, poor sleep, digestive issues, gut problems, food sensitivities, mild depressive symptoms, anxiety or moodiness

  • Get rid of toxicity, heavy metals, plastic residuals, or health disrupting pollutants, present in soil, food, air or water

  • Apply easy techniques to practice empowered vital living, lower stress and reclaim your energy & longevity

  • Prepare yourself, Detox at will (whenever you will feel the need), and break a Detox correctly to gain maximum benefit


Do you want to feel better in just 5 days? It's time to choose a life of FREEDOM, VITALITY, and HEALTH

Choose your DetoxPro Plan for Immediate Access TODAY:




Basic DetoxPro System

  • Lifetime access to the DetoxPro Members Area
  • Kickstart Detox Guide
  • Videos and Detox Recipes


One-time Payment



DetoxPro + Online Support

  • All DetoxPro DIY and...
  • 5 Day Online Detox Programe package, PDFs and Video Recordings
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recipes and Videos
  • Lifestyle Integration Sessions with Exercises and Videos
  • Healthy You @ Healthy Planet Recipe Book
  • Email Support
  • Closed Facebook Group


One-time Payment


Live Event

DetoxPro + Live Coaching

  • All DIY, Complete, and...
  • 5 Day Online Detox Live Event
  • 10 Live Coaching Sessions
  • Additional DetoxPro Materials
  • Recipes and Videos
  • Emotional Support
  • Personal Skills for Self-Empowerment

Join now and be part of DetoxPro LIVE


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Money Back Guarantee

If you haven't lost any weight or don't feel any renewed energy in your life and aren't 100% happy with DetoxPro, email us within 30 days and we'll happily refund your money IN FULL - no quibbles.

Your DetoxPro Coaches


Radha Cohen

Radha Cohen holds a Master Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Life Coaching as well as a Bachelor's in Social Science and Trauma Recovery. She holds diplomas and certifications in natural therapies, insulin resistance and metabolic resetting. Radha is a Health Coach, and currently Brain Health Coach. She has also been involved with yoga, health, nutrition, diet and detox practices for over 30 years.


Yogesh Osher

Yogesh Osher has a Masters Degree in Gestalt Therapy and Life Coaching. He holds a Diploma in Natural Therapies- as a Yoga Meditation Teacher. Yogesh is a highly skilled Gestalt Life Coach and Group Facilitator as well as a Wellness Detox Practitioner. He has been conducting Meditation Retreats and Yoga-Detox-Retreats for over 20 years. Yogesh also has extensive training in the tradition of Zen Meditation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to stop eating?

No, not at all. On day one everybody will start the program by enjoying easy to prepare, tasty foods that are part of our special Anti-Inflammatory Diet. On days two and three you will have a choice between continuing with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet or switching to two days of very nutritious vegetable juices and vegetable broths Detox Meal Plan. On day four you will start to eat juicy and easy to digest whole fruits and vegetables. On day five, the final day of the program, you will return to eating the rich Anti-Inflammatory Diet that will fully prepare the stomach so you can eat normally on the following day, after finishing the Detox program.



Will I ever feel hungry?

We have been running Detox Retreats and Programs for many years, and we are affiliated with www.amwellness.org which runs Detox Centers in many different countries. The Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan contains delicious food preparations and the Vegetables Juices and Broths are packed with extra nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fibers.  So we have never seen anyone feel hungry during the program. To the contrary, everyone has experienced a sense of fullness an satisfaction. Our clients are often surprised how easy it is.



Will I get detox symptoms?

Detox symptoms such as headaches, constipation or tiredness can be quite common, especially if people are used to drinking coffee several times a day. In order to avoid any unpleasant symptoms, we recommend that all participants follow the Preparatory Guidelines, that you will receive immediately upon choosing your program. These can be implemented at least a few days prior to starting the detox program. These Preparatory Guidelines will help your body prepare to detox, opening up all major detox pathways, thus easily avoiding any detox symptoms. A special easy to find Ayurvedic preparation will also be recommended to help an effective but gentle colon cleanse. This helps you establish regular bowel movements. The program also includes an easy, gentle liver and gallbladder cleanse, which will help these very important organs of elimination and detoxification regain their optimal functioning. However tiredness may still be experienced during the core two days, especially if you choose to do a juice fast. Thus, it is advised to take time to rest and relax as much as needed during that time.

How do I know when my body is detoxified?

At the end of the program, on the last day, you will certainly feel lighter and happier, with more energy and vitality. Your mind will feel clearer, too. You will naturally gravitate towards wanting to continue a good, balanced, healthy diet. The end of the program is also the perfect time to make a resolution to start following the most healthy diet for you, incorporating all the good lifestyle practices you have learned during the program. We will support you to create your own healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle routine.

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